Hello.  My name is Grace Lichaa and I have had the most fun experiences learning about food.  I’m an experienced chef and food educator.   I have catered weekend retreats and 100-person cocktail parties but my favorite events are small dinners that take the work out of hosting a dinner party. I am especially passionate about making delicious food with high quality ingredients.  My style of cooking is straight forward vegetable-centric.

My day job is providing health education at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston.  In my spare time, I work at a cheese shop called Formaggio Kitchen where I have learned even more about food and exceptional products..  I competed on the Food Network show Chopped and I won!  I host regular dinner parties through the supper club Feastly and my cooking has been featured in the Washingtonian, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

You should contact me if you’re interested in catering, cooking classes or private dinner parties.