Goose Eats – Where did it come from and where is it going?

So a few people have wondered whereI phone pics 354 I came up with the awesomely crazy name of gooseeatsdc.  Goose is a childhood nickname of mine.  I have been called Goose, Goosette, Lil’ Goose, and many less endearing names over that past several years.

So when I had to come up with a super creative and clever blog name, I used goose and since it was about food- gooseeats seemed to make sense.  And since I was born and raised in the dc area, the gooseeatsdc baby was born in 2010.  The baby was a really slow developer and even though it isn’t the cutest baby, it really provides its readers with some really awesome information and recipes.  Just like we all think our kids will go to Harvard and become President, I have big plans for gooseeats.  Starting this weekend, I will be rolling out a line of awesome pickles.  Why, well because you can pickle just about anything and well my first love was pickled olives.  You can ask my mom, who told me that my first word was olive in Arabic.  I apparently used to scream for them (speaking of cute babies).

To whet your pickled appetite, please see the recipe below.  Just a few ingredients and a delicious results.  These preserved lemon flesh is a great addition to chic pea dishes, spreads, risottos, and many Middle Eastern dishes.

Preserved Lemons

3 lemons (Meyer lemons are preferable)- scrubbed and washed clean. + the juice of 2 more lemons

2 Tablespoons of salt

A clean 16 oz.  jar that has been sterilized (boiled in hot water for 7 minutes) with a non reactive lid.  I generally use a jar with a plastic lid.  Boil the lid for about a minute

Start by cutting the lemons like the picture below.  I cut the tips off of either end and cut them 3/4 of the way down into these wedges.  Do not cut all the way through.

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Then, you want to take your clean hands and rub the alt into the flesh and on the outside of the lemon.

I phone pics 361


The next step is to jam it into your sterilized jar and then either use the juice from those lemons to make sure they are covered but if you need to add the juice of the remaining lemons.

Let sit at room temperature for 3 days.  You should shake the jar daily and turn it upside down every day.  After the 3 days, refrigerate these lemons and put them in many amazing dishes.

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