You might remember me from such shows as Chopped!

ChoppedI was on Chopped.  So if you watch the Food Network you know what I am talking about and you can move to paragraph three.  If you do not watch the Food Network, please continue to read.  The show was filmed last March and it finally aired in November (at an inopportune time for me- on election night).  I couldn’t reveal the results of the show until it aired.

Chopped is basically an hour long show where you have to make a 3-course dinner in three timed rounds.  You have 20 minutes for an appetizer, 30 minutes to make an entree and 30 minutes to make a dessert.  The challenge is that you must include 4 crazy ass ingredients that they put into a basket.  What do I mean crazy-ass ingredients?  Well, how about I give you an example basket?  The appetizer round may include clams, thousand island dressing, pears, and rice crackers.  Are you following me, you have 3 rounds of food to make, some wacky ingredients and you are competing against three other chefs who have the same exact challenge!

The name of the specific episode is Unsung Heroes and it highlighted chefs doing work with their local food non-profits.  I work with the Capital Area Food Bank so I was representing my organization.

I wanted to take some time to write about it becuase heck, it was really cool and really fun.

So I am going to rehash some commonly asked questions that were asked of me once people knew I was on the show.

Q: What was the hardest part of the show?  A: Keeping the whole thing a secret from March until November!

Q: Were you nervous?                                      A: I was a little nervous but once you start cooking, it all melts away.

Q: Are the judges nice?                                    A: You don’t have much interaction with the judges but when you do they are all pretty solid.

Q: Did you have any idea what was in the basket? A: You get no indication of what is in the basket, it is true to form, you open the basket and go.

Q: What were the other contestants like?   A: I was in the non-profit episode so they were all awesome and I didn’t want anyone to get Chopped.

Q: Did you know what was in the pantry?    A: I had about two minutes to look over the pantry.  You don’t really know where anything is.

Q; How long did the whole thing take?       A:Well, you get there at 6 AM and then if you go all three rounds you are there until about 8:30PM.

So, being on Chopped was a bunch of fun and yes, I would do it again.  I won and so that made it easier.  I hope to go back for Chopped Champions.  I will never look at friggin almonds the same way.