A taste of things to come…

When I was younger I used to love tongue.  I really really loved cow tongue.  I didn;t know it was tongue at the ripe old age of 9.  In my house it was called Li-sen (the arabic word for tongue).  I didn’t realize that it was tongue until I saw the package and realized what it was.  I was partially horrified but still continued to eat the tongue my mom made.  I turned 14 and became a vegetarian and was vegetarian for about 16 years.  I just started eating meat again in late 2010 and have slowly been experimenting with meat.  My last endeavour was tongue.  My sweetie bought me a tongue from the farmers market and I decided that I needed to do research.  I will tease you with one pic and then go through how I turned the tongue int a reuben.


That's a pretty large tongue

This is a pretty far cry from a reuben…  I’ll let you all know what comes of this.