Quick and easy fresh pasta

  I was g chatting with a friend of mine in DC today and she was talking about the produce she found at the farmers’ market!  I got a bit sad since we… Continue reading


Goose Eats – Where did it come from and where is it going?

So a few people have wondered where I came up with the awesomely crazy name of gooseeatsdc.  Goose is a childhood nickname of mine.  I have been called Goose, Goosette, Lil’ Goose, and many… Continue reading

Kohlrabi Slaw Recipe

So last Saturday, before I became uncomprehendingly sick, I prepared and demoed how to make an amazing kohlrabi slaw a the New Morning Farm farmer’s market.  I plan on doing demos on a regular basis… Continue reading

Kohlrabi Slaw demo

Don’t Talk to Strangers Unless You Plan on Sharing Your Mac and Cheese (Recipe)

Of course I knew that there was going to be a piece on me and Feastly in the Wall Street Journal.  I didn’t realize that the picture that I sent in was going… Continue reading

You might remember me from such shows as Chopped!

I was on Chopped.  So if you watch the Food Network you know what I am talking about and you can move to paragraph three.  If you do not watch the Food Network, please… Continue reading

More eggs but just not on pizza…

This evening, I decided that I needed to have someone else do the eggs and the pizza. Don’t worry this isn’t some weird blog theme where all posts will involve eggs and pizza… Continue reading

New year, new pizza!

New Years pizza!  So after the crazy fun night of New Years cooking and after all of the  holiday traveling, I came home to a somewhat empty fridge.  I decided that it was… Continue reading

A taste of things to come…

When I was younger I used to love tongue.  I really really loved cow tongue.  I didn;t know it was tongue at the ripe old age of 9.  In my house it was… Continue reading